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[tue may 6th, 2008]
its been 2 months and 2 days since my last post.
i'm still alive.

[sun jan 27th, 2008]
disney was amazing.
i'll put some pictures up soon.
1 (cmnt)

[tue jan 1st, 2008]
happy new year everyone.

[fri aug 31st, 2007]
i saw incubus on wednesday.
i can't explain what it was like to finally see them perform in front of me.
the best thing i can think of is out of this world.
i've never felt so happy before in my life.
and i saw julia!!!!

[thu aug 9th, 2007]
happy birthday to andrew. :]

[wed aug 1st, 2007]
my parents are still the epitome of ridiculous.
i can't wait to get out.

[fri may 18th, 2007]
6 (cmnt)

[thu may 3rd, 2007]
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I'll follow you into the dark.
3 (cmnt)

[tue may 1st, 2007]
choke is gonna be a movieeeeeeee!

[fri mar 16th, 2007]
I'm already smiling.
I love him.
Even though he's an idiot.
4 months with him this Sunday.

6 days til Ultra.

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